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I’ve never actually been on a date wtf !?

such a cute lil aesthetic !!

Lastly, just because brands you don’t know or haven’t been paying attention to when you really should be, ALSO doesn’t give you the entitlement to say that the Fashion Week (London) that they are showcasing their collections at, is shit. Every Fashion Week is great and just because the majority of the designers there don’t appeal to you, doesn’t make them any less important than any other designer anywhere else.

Furthermore, just because lesser known brands, or brands that usually don’t get the attention they deserve, doesn’t give you the entitlement to say that their collections will be /or are shit.

Please, the only reason why some of you believe London Fashion Week is shit, is because the only brands you do know like Versace/Prada etc don’t showcase their collections there.

nenthe: You could definitely become a male model!!! Sign up for an agency!! Just try it!!

omg…maybe when i’m a little older