i'm loving this concept
Anonymous: do people send u hate? why? I don't understand. I feel like u're a nice kind person and u always help people here with advises. I wish I had such a friend like u in real life ^^ I hope u're doing fine, take care. have a nice day and ignore those haters no matter what they say about u, they must be very dumb. attackers are always cowards, don't let them knock you down. u're not a coward, you're a very brave person, u're my role model, I'm proud of you, I'll always support u, xo :)

Ah! Thank you!

i loved lana del rey’s new music video. i understood the video perfectly and i like how shes taken her ideas back down to the lana we all know and love

Anonymous: yeah i just loved how the dark and architectural looking comme de garcons stuff complimented her otherworldly beauty. naomi was awesome too!

naomi looked the most striking on the front cover, because of her dark hair. the white background contrasted with her skin colour beautifully, making her stand out among the rest of the models.

Anonymous: fav editorial from it? mines the shots of linda in comme de garcons.

really? she looked amazing. mine was naomi in vivienne westwood and tao in yohji yamamoto!

Anonymous: thoughts on the september issue of vogue japan?

one of the best covers i’ve seen for vogue. every other vogue should take lessons from vogue japan. i just love the diversity of the models and the editorial inside of the magazine itself. its so amazing to see these iconic models we all look up to, look amazing in these new collections from our favourite designers. very amazing.

british vogues cover agenda:
kate moss
some female celebrity nobody really cares about
cara delevingne

i need to stop obsessing over every black look and realize that different colours can be beautiful too

what are ur fav fashion shows i wanna watch em?